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Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior – Today is 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania 6

April 1st, 1990 featured one of the Top 5 most memorable matches in professional wrestling history, Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6.  Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the event that was suppose to end Hulkamania and spark the long run of Ultimate Warrior – neither of which happened.


If you know one name in professional wrestling, it’s Hulk Hogan.  The 1980s icon took rasslin’ into the world of pop culture with the help of WWE’s owner Vince McMahon.  Hogan had been the WWE’s main attraction since January 1984 when he first won the WWE Championship over the Iron Shiek.  The sad fact of professional wrestling, or of any sports/entertainment profession, is that everyone’s time comes to an end.  The fans tire of your act.  You’re not new.  You’re not fresh.  In an effort to stay ahead of this curve and keep their momentum from the 80s, Vince McMahon made the decision to end Hulkamania as the most important draw for the WWE.  It was time to hand the ball to young, fresh face, which just happened to have the most awe-inspiring body in wrestling.

Warrior Wildness.

I’ve always hated this name.  Even as a little kid, this felt like a rip-off of Hulkamania.  This failed when they tried to constantly refer to the crowd support of Randy Savage as “The Madness.”  Warrior was unlike anything wrestling had seen when he burst on the scene in 1988.  Wrestlers had face paint before.  Wrestlers had great physics before.  Wrestlers had used music before.  No one had put this package together like the Ultimate Warrior.

Wrestling purist would tell you that these guys stink but no one can deny the drawing power of these two men that put on this epic match 25 years ago, today.

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