WWE AJ Lee and Stephanie McMahon

Published on February 25th, 2015 | by thewrestlinggeek

AJ Lee Calls Out Stephanie McMahon On Divas Pay, TV Time

Well, this escalated quickly.  WWE Diva AJ Lee, who has not appeared on WWE programming in over two months, took to Twitter to call out Stephanie McMahon.  WWE does a great job of blurring the line between storytelling and reality so at this point it is hard to determine if Lee’s attack was agreed upon by both parties.  Let us explain…

Everything started Monday morning after McMahon tweeted out support to Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Patricia Arquette [sister of former WCW Champion, David *vomit*] who spoke in her acceptance speech about the lack of women’s equality in the United States.

36 hours later, Lee challenged McMahon on the lack of women’s equality in the WWE.

The frustration of the Divas division and many wrestling fans hit a fever pitch during Monday Night RAW when the Divas were given only a few minutes of screen time and sparked the #GiveDivasAChance Twitter movement.

Now, why did AJ Lee wait till Tuesday night to respond to Stephanie McMahon’s tweet that was sent out Monday morning?  Does AJ not check her Twitter often?  Did someone point out Stephanie’s Tweet to her after the #GiveDivasAChance backlash?  Or did it take till Tuesday for the Creative Team to figure out who, when, and how to capitalize on the #GiveDivasAChange thing?

Either way, Vince McMahon took to Twitter to respond.

Stephanie McMahon responded to AJ Lee as well, but this doesn’t feel to genuine.

And if you’re not aware, AJ Lee is the real-life wife of CM Punk.  Punk was famously fired from the WWE on his wedding day and is in the process of a defamation lawsuit filed by WWE’s Dr. Amann against CM Punk over his allegations that the medical staff did not treat him properly.


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