5 Things That Annoyed Me About The NWA

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#5 – The Dusty Finish

Dusty Rhodes

If you never heard the term “Dusty Finish,” let me break it down for you in the simplest of terms – the good guy gains a victory only to have it overturned.  This type of ending takes the fan on an up-and-down journey of emotions, feeling elation that their guy won only to have heartbreak moments later when reality sets in.  The good guy gains sympathy from the audience and more importantly helps generate excitement around the impending rematch.  The ending of the match is really exciting…the first ten times it happens.  After that, it gains a nickname from the person who abused it and becomes predictable and boring.  Although he didn’t invite this type of finish – I can remember back to Hulk Hogan‘s AWA days when he won the title from champion Nick Bockwinkel only to have it reverse a day later –  Dusty Rhodes commonly used this type of ending for his matches when he was the booker in Jim Crockett Promotions during the mid to late 80s.  It reached a point that when I saw Dusty Rhodes win an important match, I didn’t get excited because I knew it wouldn’t hold up.

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